Crystal Rock Oyster

Crassostrea gigas

Crystal Rocks are intertidally grown oysters from near Sisters Point in Hood Canal, Washington. The area is located at the inside of “The Big Bend” in the southern portion of the waterway where it transitions from a mostly north / south orientation to one that is mostly east / west. They take their name from a locally renowned boulder of the same name just offshore from the harvest area. They start as hatchery produced seed about one half inch in size and are introduced to the beach in large mesh bags. They spend about a year in these bags, which help keep the light, fragile young oysters in place and which also help protect them to some degree from predators. Thereafter, they are transferred out of the bags and onto the beach for about two to four weeks prior to harvest. They are produced by a very small family farm that is doing the work required to produce nicely shaped oysters with round, deep cups, and well-formed hinges. The water in southern Hood Canal tends to have a somewhat lower salinity than other areas of Puget Sound and as a result the oysters are not very salty, the meats tend to be a little lean, and they finish with a pronounced fruity or melon like aftertaste common to the pacific oyster.