Sequim Bay Jade Oyster

Crassostrea gigas

Sequim Bay Jades are beach grown pacific oysters from Sequim Bay (pronounced “Skwim Bay”).  This nutrient rich body of water is located in the Strait of Juan de Fuca near the entrance to the Puget Sound.  These oysters are grown in collaboration with the Jamestown S’Klallam tribe, on their land, near the head of the bay.  Given its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the abundance of available food, Sequim Bay is a unique and ideal growing area in Washington State.  The farm has total control of their quality by producing seed in their own hatchery in Quilcene Bay.  Once able to fend for themselves, the oysters are scattered onto the sandy tide flats to grow to market size.  The beach growing process introduces a subtle minerality to the oysters and produces a mature shell.  These oysters will be quite salty initially and that salinity will linger through the pallet.  They do have some glycogen on them, which will provide a mellow sweetness through the middle of the pallet and can finish with the cucumber or melon flavor typical of the region.